April 5 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Recently, Vernee is very active in marketing. And its first smartphone Thor has begun presale already. The price of $119.99 is really a surprise to both its competitors and its users. Moreover, Vernee initialized a flash-sale activity also on it homepage which allows some customers to buy Thor with mere $99.99 in a specific time span.



As for its flagship Apollo, Vernee has also released some photos of its touch panel. We can see from the above photo that Apollo doesn’t adopt a bezel-free design, but an ultra-thin bezel instead. Another photo shows that Apollo’s bezel is only 2mm wide. Overall, Apollo sports a great screen-to-body ratio of up to 80%, which is definitely a big selling point to a smartphone with 2k resolution.


It’s reported that Vernee Apollo may be priced at $399.99, much lower than that of Vivo Xplay 5 and coming Samsung Note 6. And now let’s wait for more surprises Vernee Apollo is going to show up.


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