March 1 , 2017 | By: vernee
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Vernee as a new kind of cellphone which appear no more than one year, has get such a great attition in the global market contribute to good quality. In the amount of vernee cellphones, Thor loved by customs because its balanced configuration, excellent appearance, affordable prices , which sells good.

Vernee had a good performance in MWC2017, Thor has two new series of cellphone- Thor E and Thor plus, wihch different from Thor, those two new cellphones have long life battery.

Thor E and Thor plus had a screen of 5 inches and 5.5 inches, they had a 5020mAh and 6050mAh battery in it which only had a body in 8.2mm. It was an incredible target, and engineers of Vernee had made a good effort on them.

The long life battery only the base of long-time ueing, if we need the longer using time in cellphone, the long life battery is not enough. It had been take into consideration while in the early time of designing, From the industrial design, hardware matching, material selection, to the system-level power optimization, have spent a lot of effort. And vernee had the 9V2A fast charge and long life button, at the same time, those two vernee had the Android 7.0 system, While supporting intelligent power scheduling and synchronization wake-up function, and they can reach 72 hrs long-time using goal easily.

Thor E and Thor plus meet the needs of long-time using, wihch were more competitive. And they would reach a new goal in the future. Want to know more about vernee, welcome to visit MWC 2017!

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