March 1 , 2017 | By: vernee
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Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry held annually in Barcelona, is very important for any smartphone makers around the world.

As the first battle of Vernee global branding strategy, MWC 2017 is of paramount significance for this brand. On this grand conference, besides showcasing its 4 existing products (Apollo/Apollo Lite, Vernee Thor and Vernee Mars), Vernee will also launch its 6 new models for 2017.
Vernee official also released some photos taken on the conference .
1.Vernee booth features some unique elements of technology and youthfulness. It looks pretty fashionable and vigorous.

2.Vernee has put a lot of money into this exhibition. Its booth is located among many other renowned brands and attracts a lot of attention.

3. Visitors coming for Vernee

In the next few days, Vernee will make great achievements.

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