September 2 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Dear Customers: We hereby state formally that, vernee’s authorized store in Romania, is now officially online. And please be informed that we have this only one authorized store in Romania. Vernee 2016/08/31

August 22 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Vernee, since the foundation, has been clinging to the motto of “serve the customers heart and soul”. And the ongoing update service Vernee offers to the end users has showcased its resolution to become a brand worth the consumer’s trust. So far, Vernee has launched two products, Vernee Thor and Vernee Apollo Lite with deca-core configuration. For Thor, Vernee has rolled out 4 OTA updates, and the fifth is on the way. Below are the major fixes and optimizations for this Update: 1. Corrected battery status shown by third-party apps. 2. Updated and optimized APN. 3. Fixed some bugs of system settings.

August 17 , 2016 | By: vernee
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It may be very frutrating when you see your phone falling into water, whether it’s a pool or a toilet. You just know nothing good will happen next. After all, this high tech device probably costs you multiple hundred dollars, and chances are very high that it will be deemed unusable. Before we talk about how to save your phone after that disaster, let’s get to know what you shouldn’t do first. 1. Do not turn on the phone, that’s most important. 2. Don’t plug it in either! 3. Don’t press any keys. This can push water further into the......

August 15 , 2016 | By: vernee
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According to many previously leaked photos and renderings, iPhone 7 seems to adopt a new method in dealing with the antenna band, the one on new iPhone seems to be curved along the upper side of the device. This design will make the back of the device look more elegant and appealing. And of course, the process behind is more complicated. But for the best visual effects, this is the best design ever. In April of this year, Meizu launched the second product of its sub brand Pro - Pro 6. This model sports a similar arc antenna along the......

August 11 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Before the launch of Xiaomi Redmi Pro, customers around the world didn’t pay much attention to the 10-core smartphones. Nor did they know deep about Helio X20 or X25 chipset which features 10 processing cores. With many smartphone makers continually boasting the powerful performance and other advantages of their deca-core flagships, people start to show their interest in the 10-core gadgets. As the only deca-core smartphone designed mainly for European market, vernee Apollo Lite has won a lot of followers due to its powerful performance, high-grade camera and gorgeous appearance. It’s been a while since vernee Apollo Lite was in......

August 8 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Vernee just announced its plan last week to launch a brand new model - vernee Mars. And today, vernee official released the real photos of this device, showing us some surprising features, such as ultra-narrow bezel, high screen-to-body ratio, super-thin metal unibody, and gorgeous display effect. From the released photos, we can see that this model sports a metal uni-body which is relatively narrow and super thin. In addition, vernee also adopts Nano Molding Technology to make this handset even better. Word has it that vernee Mars will hit the market in the next half of this year. However vernee......

August 1 , 2016 | By: vernee
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This may be the first OTA update ever rolled out for a deca-core smartphone. As the sole deca-core smartphone aiming at European market, Apollo Lite showcases vernee’s adherence to the promise that it will offer ongoing aftersales service. Within one month after it shipped out those devices, vernee rolled out the first OTA update for its current flagship - Apollo Lite. At present, many smartphone brands started to release their 10-core smartphone. After Meizu’s launch of MX6, Xiaomi also released its first deca-core smartphone - Redmi Pro. Vernee Apollo Lite, sporting MTK Helio X20 configuration, will win its market share......

July 29 , 2016 | By: vernee
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It’s been over three months since Thor - the first product of vernee - was in stock for sale. And Vernee keeps its promise to push out ongoing OTA updates to ensure the best user experience. So far, vernee has pushed three OTA updates already. And the fourth will be pushed out on July 29th. Below are the main optimizations and fixes of this update: 1. Enhanced the data transfer speed via USB to PC and optimized the transfer stability; 2. After changing the system language, the default language of lock-screen interface is English; 3. Optimized the touching experience of......

July 27 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Several years before, it was very hard to transfer contacts from one phone to another, especially between different mobile platform. People would have to manually type in a large amount of names, numbers and other information. However, as the technology develops rapidly, our smartphones can do most of the work itself in a short time. Below are several ways to transfer contacts from an iPhone to your Apollo Lite. You can give it a read and choose the easiest one. Method 1: Synchronizing contacts via Google account First, to better use your Apollo Lite, you need a Google account. Once......

July 22 , 2016 | By: vernee
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Recently, more and more smartphone makers adopts deca-core configuration. Several days ago, Meizu released MX6, which sports the 10-core Helio X20 CPU. Along with the chipset is the highly effective multi-task processing strategy of the three-cluster deca-core framework. Helio X20 can delegate simple tasks to one cluster of cores, while directing more-complex (and more-power-hungry) tasks to the other clusters. If the smartphone is doing only simple tasks - such as sending text messages or running the calculator - on one cluster, the other clusters can power down, and therefore drive smoother performance and decrease the power consumption by 30%. Vernee......


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