February 28 , 2017 | By: vernee
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The most important consumer electronics exhibition – MWC2017 started already with the keyword still being the “smartphone”. Manufacturers around the world have prepared a long time for this show in hope that they can attract attention from all over the world.
The renowned brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and Nokia will all release their new flagship models. Compared with last year when Huawei was the focus in the congress, more Chinese smartphone brands will display their long-prepared models this year. Vernee, the relatively new brand, will launch the world’s first Helio X30 smartphone – Apollo 2.

Before the release of snapdragon 835, Helio X30 could be the most powerful processor, which has 10 processing cores, including 2 Cotex-A73 cores clocking at 2.8GHz, 4 Cotex-A53 cores clocking at 2.5GHz or 2.3GHz, and four Cotex-A53 cores clocking at 2.0GHz. Compared with Helio X20, Helio X30’s performance improves by 43% while the power consumption is lowered by 53%.
As the first model powered by MTK’s flagship product of 2017, Vernee Apollo 2 is thought highly of by MTK. Besides the the powerful Helio X30, Apollo will be equipped with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. For geeks of android phones, it’s sure that they will pay a lot attention to this launch.

Actually, besides Apollo 2, Vernee will bring more surprises at MWC 2017.

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